What Owen say’s

He came into my room the other morning, Ryan had already left for work and Emery was still sleeping next to me. I whispered for him to stay quite and he cuddled up next to me. After telling me good morning, asking if I had a good sleep and giving me a kiss, he said. 

"Mommy there was an Octopus in the kitchen and it was scary and stinky. But Daddy’s a good doctor and he got the octopus and saved the kitty. I told the kitty, its ok cause Daddy doctor make you better! And Mommy, the octopus was yellow. 

Obviously, it was a dream. He was so serious and animated when he was telling me, it was hilarious.

On another note, this is from our camping trip last year. He looks so little! We’ve all been dying to go camping again, but with Ryans work and school schedule it’s not going to happen anytime soon. 

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So Sad

This was taken at the begginging of the month, a few days before he turned 9 months. 

I may have shed a few tears today, cause my baby is growing too fast! He’ll be 10 months next week. He has two bottom teeth, he’s over baby food, he says Dada and Mama, (O is trying to get him to say his name) and he’s already tried to take a few steps!

My baby is almost not a baby and it makes me sad

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Instagram love

I love Instagram, it’s where I’m at these days. 

Also my brother is back from Europe, I love that as well

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I’m A Mama!!!

and it’s the best job ever.

Happy Mothers day, to all you wonderful Mama’s!

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Weekend thoughts and thrift store finds

I love me some good thrift store shopping, but digging through the racks at thrift stores, with a 3 year old and a baby, is not the easiest task.

This is just from 2 recent trips, in and out real fast. I just scanned the outside racks and didn’t even touch the clothes. Twice in one week is rare, I may be on a little thrift store high now and I NEED to go back!

I have a real weakness for books, of any kind. Really old books, children s books, cook books, old school books, I just can’t say no! I was so excited about these Disney books, they in perfect condition, like it doesn’t even look like they were ever used. Even better, they were 50 cents each! 

Owen’s been asking lots of questions about his bones and certain other body parts, we’ve had some awkward and interesting conversations lately. So we spent a long time reading the Human Body book yesterday. I may now be obsessed with finding the rest of the books in this collection.   

I’ ll leave you with this sweet moment. 

Fresh from the bath and getting attacked with kisses from big brother. I love moments like this, the spontaneous, sweet, perfect moments. It makes up for the hard, frustrating, on the verge of crying moments that make you feel like a bad mom. This Mom thing is wonderful and good, but it’s also hard. It doesn’t help when were being judged by other people and other Mom’s, because of how we Mother, or how we don’t Mother. 

We’re all just trying to do whats best for our family and our kids, so lets all just try and show each other some love. If you’re a Christian, that is after all, what we are called to do. 

Happy Mothers day Mama’s! Hope your day is wonderful!

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Weekend thoughts

I cant imagine ever given up on this kid. Of choosing another life, with someone else, that meant he would be less important to me.

That’s what it feels like, even at 21, when your father walks out on your Mom. They walk out on you too.

I have dreams often of my father and it’s always the same,  just a different setting and different scene. They start off together and then they are not. 

I don’t want them back together, it’s really better that they are not. I just want this relationship, with him and me, to be normal. I don’t really talk to my Dad, every conversation seems, fake and forced. Forgiveness is one thing but then how do you have a normal, honest  relationship with someone. Who cant even be honest with himself and continues to live a lie of a life that they cant even decided if they believe is right. 

My weekends thoughts are heavy, i just want to make it right. Thou I really just don’t know how

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It’s been rough

I feel like I’m that Mom this week. The paranoid, over protective, over reacting Mom, but I swear I’m not.

This week has just been rough. 

Owen’s face swelled up Saturday night and he could barely talk, so we ended up in the ER. We thought maybe an allergic reaction to beets, since he had them for the first time that day. Well after $260.00 in ER payments and doctor co-payments (took E to the docs too cause he was still not over that cold) later, turns out it wasn’t that serious but Emery’s cold did turn into bronchitis. We may just be keeping him away from beets though, just to be safe. 

I just don’t like my children sick, like ever. Though I am very great full that they are healthy over all and that we even have health insurance. 

But it would be kinda cool if we could get a little break, seeing as Ryan works at the hospital and all. Like an employee discount, hey everyone else does it.

I know, I know that would be wrong, unethical and unfair to everyone else. I was just kidding!


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On the farm

Every other Friday we go pick up our CSA box.

Owen will ask through out the week, is it time to go to the farm Mommy? How about today Mommy, are we going to the farm? He forgets that there’s no animals at the farm, just fruits and veggies and he always gets a little upset about that. 

Then he gets over it, we go to the farm, he helps me get our box and then we walk around the farm for a bit. 

Whats up with that face Emery is giving me and why does he look like he’s 2 year’s old??!!

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Decorating & Greening Our Air

Do you care what my house looks like? 

Probably not but I’m going to show you anyways, well some of it at least.

We’ve been doing some spring cleaning and with that some redecorating. 

More like actually decorating, cause really, we didn’t have much going on before. I don’t know why, we just didn’t. Most stuff we already had and just never put up, others were up but just in the wrong place. So there’s still work to be done, were trying to find a few more things and I have some prints coming from Etsy. My favorites though, well the piano of course! 

It’s a family piano, passed down to us and we finally rented the truck to get it here. It makes me so happy that it’s finally here. Also the guitar, it was our wedding “guest book”. Coming up on five years and we finally found a place for it. I love that it’s there. 

I also decided we needed some plants in here, some green going on.

Green Your Air is a site that provides air purifying plants. That naturally filter harmful chemicals and toxins from your home. This week for Earth day, they are giving you 20% off your entire order! Just enter the code EARTHDAY at checkout

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The boys are feeling much better, still sick, but much better.

We hit up the Long Beach flea market. Saw some cool stuff, weird stuff , and some creepy stuff. A lock from death row, CREEPY!

Walked away with a few good things…. Elvis, a crate, (that will be made into a           shelf) old cookbooks, (I cant stop buying cookbooks, especially old ones) a Pendleton for Ryan and an old calculator, cause he’s a nerd. 

Ended the night with a target trip. Ryan wanted to go to one we’ve never been too before, a ways down the freeway, just cause. We will never go to that one again!

Maybe i’m weird, but I was kinda freaking out. Well maybe not freaking out, but annoyed and completely lost in there. Most target’s are set up the exact same way and it’s good like that, you know where you need to go to find what you need. This one was set up like none I’ve ever seen! Everything was in the wrong place, squished together, in odd corners, turned around and just not right!!

Ugh, it just wasn’t good. Although Owen did find Daddy some dino socks, so it wasn’t a total fail.

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